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Study on the fluorescence characteristics of bromadiolone in aqueous and organized media and application in analysis.

The fluorescence spectroscopic behavior of bromadiolone (anticoagulant rodenticide), a substituted 4-hydroxycoumarin derivative, was investigated in water and in organized media like micelles and cyclodextrins. A detailed study on various photophysical parameters like fluorescence intensity (I(F)), quantum yield (phi), lifetime (tau) and steady state fluorescence anisotropy (r) of bromadiolone in aqueous and in organized media was carried out. Bromadiolone in aqueous solution was observed to be in an aggregated state, thereby showing weak emission due to self-quenching. Marked enhancement of fluorescence intensity was observed in organized media like micelles and beta-cyclodextrin. A preliminary investigation has been done to find out whether this enhancement of fluorescence can be used to develop a sensitive analytical method for determination of bromadialone in aqueous media. A linear relationship between the fluorescence intensity and concentration of bromadiolone was observed in the range of 0.15-7.9 microg ml(-1) in cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) and 0.5-26.4 microg ml(-1) in beta-cyclodextrin medium. The lower detection limit was found to be 37 ng ml(-1) in presence of CTAB and 23 ng ml(-1) in beta-cyclodextrin. Comparison with 4-hydroxycoumarin, an unsubstituted analogue, was made.[1]


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