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Chemical Compound Review

Cetrimonum     hexadecyl-trimethyl-azanium

Synonyms: CTAOH, cetriminium, cetrimonium, AG-B-19343, CHEMBL1183605, ...
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Disease relevance of Trimethylhexadecylammonium


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Chemical compound and disease context of Trimethylhexadecylammonium


Biological context of Trimethylhexadecylammonium


Anatomical context of Trimethylhexadecylammonium


Associations of Trimethylhexadecylammonium with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Trimethylhexadecylammonium

  • (4) The detergents, Emulphogene, cetyltrimethylammonium salts, and digitonin, significantly decrease the conformational stability of rhodopsin as compared to the in situ conditions [21].
  • The rate-surfactant profiles for the HO(-)- and AcO(-)-catalyzed ring closure of two ethyl hydantoates, E2 and E3, to hydantoins with three cetyltrimethylammonium salts (CTAX, X = Br(-), Cl(-), or AcO(-)) are measured in 0.02 and 0.2 M acetate buffers 50% base with starting pH 4.65 [22].
  • The antioxidant activity was also remarkably increased by Ca(2+) or a cationic detergent (cetyltrimethylammonium chloride) [23].
  • The effect of higher ionic strength on the binding of CTAB with lysozyme at pH 9.0 is evidenced by lower binding ratios and decreased intensities of the UV difference bands, thus indicating the involvement of electrostatic interactions [24].
  • Bio-Gel P-300 chromatography of the 27 kDa protein revealed a pronounced polymerization tendency, which diminished with decreasing protein concentrations, however, not in the presence of cetyltrimethylammonium [25].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Trimethylhexadecylammonium


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