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Expression of P-glycoprotein in L1210 cells is linked with rise in sensitivity to Ca2+.

L1210/VCR cell line (R) was obtained by adaptation of the L1210 mouse leukaemia cells (S) to vincristine and showed P-glycoprotein ( P-gp) mediated multidrug resistance (MDR). R cells were observed to be more sensitive to high external calcium as parental S. More pronounced calcium uptake was observed for R cells. Moreover, differences in intracellular calcium cell localization between S and R cells were found ultrastructurally following a calcium precipitating cytochemical method. In S cells, calcium precipitates were found to be localized predominantly along the cell surface coat and within mitochondria delineating the cristae. In R cells, precipitates were also found inside nuclei, at the border of heterochromatin clumps, and scattered within the cytoplasm. High extracellular calcium did not influence the P-gp mediated extrusion of calcein/AM as P-gp substrate. These results indicate that calcium enters and consequently damages the MDR cells to a higher extent than parental cells.[1]


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