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Patient-Practitioner-Remedy (PPR) entanglement, Part 8: 'Laser-like' action of the homeopathic therapeutic encounter as predicted by a gyroscopic metaphor for the vital force.

BACKGROUND: A preliminary mathematical model for the Vital Force had been developed based on the idea of a metaphorical gyroscope, combined with earlier notions derived from Weak Quantum Theory (WQT) and Patient-Practitioner-Remedy (PPR) Entanglement. This combination generates a hypothetical 'wave function' as a description of the state of the Vital Force that is intimately related to the secondary symptom picture of the therapeutic remedy, and is capable of illustrating certain empirical observations of the homeopathic process, including the bi-phasal action of remedies and some of the results gained from provings. OBJECTIVE: The goal of this present study was to further develop the idea of a Vital Force 'wave function' by generating insights into its mode of reaction to therapeutic intervention by a practitioner. METHODS: In orthodox quantum theory, the time-dependent Schrödinger equation, in which a particle's wave function is operated upon by the Hamiltonian total energy operator, provides information concerning the temporal evolution of the wave function. By analogy, a secondary-symptom-dependent Vital Force equation is postulated in which the Vital Force 'wave function' is operated upon by a so-called 'homeopathic operator'. RESULTS: By inserting the previously developed wave function for the Vital Force into the secondary-symptom-dependent Vital Force equation, another equation is generated mathematically reminiscent of longitudinal mode standing waves set up in the resonant cavity of a laser. CONCLUSION: In the language of therapeutics, it is often said an essential part of the curative process is that practitioners act as 'mirrors' for their patients. Previous papers in this series have shown that this reflective practitioner activity is more than a poetic analogy. Borrowing from the mathematical formalism of quantum theory, with its ideas of entangled, coherent wave-functions as metaphors for the homeopathic process, this mirror-like activity can be seen to be an integral part of the curative therapeutic encounter. The preliminary theoretical investigation reported here develops the metaphor further by suggesting that the effect of this practitioner mirror-like activity on a patient's Vital Force during the therapeutic encounter, might be likened to the sequence of operations by which lasers function. The analogy seems compelling, as an essential feature of laser operation is the arrangement of parallel mirrors placed at both ends of the laser's resonant cavity.[1]


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