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Interferon regulatory factor 5 represses expression of the Epstein-Barr virus oncoprotein LMP1: braking of the IRF7/LMP1 regulatory circuit.

We have reported evidence for a positive regulatory circuit between interferon regulatory factor 7 (IRF7) and the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) oncoprotein 1 (LMP1) (S. Ning, A. M. Hahn, and J. S. Pagano, J. Virol. 77:9359-9368, 2003). To explore a possible braking mechanism for this circuit, several type II EBV-infected cell lines that express different levels of LMP1 and IRF7 proteins and therefore are convenient for studying modulation of expression of LMP1 were analyzed. Endogenous levels of IRF7 and LMP1 were directly correlated. Transient expression of an IRF7 dominant-negative mutant decreased LMP1 levels. Endogenous IRF5 and IRF7 proteins were shown to physically associate in EBV-positive cells. Transient expression of IRF5 decreased activation of the LMP1 promoter by IRF7 in a dose-dependent manner. Finally, transfection of either an IRF5 dominant-negative construct or IRF5 small interfering RNA in these cells resulted in increases in endogenous levels of LMP1. These results indicate that IRF5 can downregulate IRF7's induction of expression of LMP1 most likely by interacting with IRF7 and provide a means of modulating a regulatory circuit between IRF7 and LMP1.[1]


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