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Functioning and psychological status among individuals with COPD.

BACKGROUND: We examined the link between functioning and psychological status among persons with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), using measures of both general functional status and performance of life activities. METHODS: 334 persons with COPD were interviewed by telephone. Functioning was assessed with two measures of difficulty with specific types of activities (self-care, recreational activities/hobbies) and a general measure of functional status (SF-12 Physical Component Score (PCS)). RESULTS: About 16.2% of the sample had SF-12 Mental Component Score ( MCS) scores indicative of psychological distress ( MCS < 35). In separate regression models, difficulty with self-care and recreational activities was associated with an increased likelihood of distress (self-care: OR=2.9, 95%CI 1.3, 6.6; recreation: OR=7.5 [2.4, 23.7]), while PCS scores were not. In a model including all three predictors, difficulty with recreation was strongly associated with distress (OR=7.7 [2.1, 29.2]), difficulty with self-care was less strongly associated with distress (OR=2.1 [0.8, 5.5]), and PCS did not contribute significantly to the predictive ability of the model. However, low functioning as measured by the PCS was a significant risk factor for difficulty performing activities. CONCLUSIONS: Measures of activity difficulty were independent predictors of psychological distress, while general physical function was not. Poor general physical function was a risk factor for activity difficulties, suggesting an indirect relationship between low PCS and psychological distress, with activity difficulties as the intermediate variable.[1]


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