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Risk Factors

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Disease relevance of Risk Factors

  • After controlling for age and several coronary risk factors, we observed a lower risk of coronary disease among men with higher intakes of vitamin E (P for trend = 0.003) [1].
  • The effect was also apparently independent of known cardiovascular risk factors, including age, sex, blood pressure, blood cholesterol level, obesity, fasting blood glucose level, and cigarette smoking [2].
  • Breast cancer in men is rare--among the risk factors that have been identified are a family history of breast cancer and evidence of androgen insufficiency [3].
  • In the study population, whose blood pressure before and during treatment was in a narrow range, and after other cardiovascular risk factors had been considered, the renin profile before treatment remained independently associated with the subsequent risk of myocardial infarction [4].
  • METHODS: A total of 9297 high-risk patients (55 years of age or older) who had evidence of vascular disease or diabetes plus one other cardiovascular risk factor and who were not known to have a low ejection fraction or heart failure were randomly assigned to receive ramipril (10 mg once per day orally) or matching placebo for a mean of five years [5].

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High impact information on Risk Factors

  • Subjecting arterial endothelial cells to classical atherosclerosis risk factors leads to the expression of HSP60 that then may serve as a target for pre-existent cross-reactive antimicrobial HSP60 immunity or bona fide autoimmune reactions induced by biochemically altered autologous HSP60 [11].
  • European Consensus Statement on Lung Cancer: risk factors and prevention. Lung Cancer Panel [12].
  • The primary disease-associated variant (rs2076530; P(TDT) = 3 x 10(-6), P(case-control) = 1.1 x 10(-8); replication P(TDT) = 0.0018, P(case-control) = 1.8 x 10(-6)) represents a risk factor that is independent of variation in HLA-DRB1 [13].
  • These results indicate that variants in the LTA are risk factors for myocardial infraction and implicate LTA in the pathogenesis of the disorder [14].
  • RESULTS: The 50 infants randomly assigned to fluconazole and the 50 control infants were similar in terms of birth weight, gestational age at birth, and base-line risk factors for fungal infection [15].

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Gene context of Risk Factors

  • The E*4 allele of APOE is a major risk factor for AD regardless of age of onset or family history [33].
  • Matching [corrected] of HLA-C alleles was a significant risk factor for relapse of leukemia (P=0.035) [34].
  • Mismatching of HLA-A, but not of HLA-C, alleles was an independent risk factor for death (P<0.001) [34].
  • Hypothesizing that receptors for apoE-containing lipoproteins act as a potential risk factor for AD, we performed an association study using a polymorphic triplet (CGG) repeat in the gene for the VLDL receptor (VLDL-R), a receptor for apoE-containing lipoproteins [35].
  • We examined whether family history of breast cancer remains a predictive risk factor for this disease after carrier status for BRCA1 and/or BRCA2 mutations is taken into consideration [36].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Risk Factors


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