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Therapeutic effect of beta-[1-phenyl-5-bis(beta-chloroethyl)-amino-benzimidazolyl-(2)-DL-alanin (ZIMET 3164) on immune complex nephritis of NZB hybrid mice.

Beta-[1-Phenyl-5-bis(beta-chloroethyl)-amino-benzimidazolyl-(2)]-DL-alanin (ZIMET 3164), a highly immunosuppressive but moderately cytostatic agent, was found to be able to prevent the progression of spontaneous murine immune complex nephritis in a dose-dependent fashion. For experiments, BCG-stimulated conventional female (NMRI X NZB)F1 mice suffering from rapidly progressive nephritis, BCG-stimulated and unilaterally nephrectomized (NMRI X NZB)F1 females, and (AB/Jena X NZB)F1 females characterized by a prolonged course of the disease were used. The beneficial effect was quantified by fluorescence photometry and histometry, and semiquantitatively detected by estimation of the extent of damage of individual glomerular structures when histometric methods were unsuited. Treatment of young adult animals characterized by slight to moderate glomerular lesions was more effective than of older ones with advanced nephritis. At equi-immunosuppressive dose levels ZIMET 3164 was about twice as effective as the reference substance cyclophosphamide.[1]


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