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An outbreak of subacute fasciolosis in Soay sheep: ultrasonographic biochemical and histological studies.

A naturally occurring outbreak of subacute fasciolosis in a group of 17 seven-month-old Soay ram lambs was studied following the sudden death of two sheep. In addition to standard biochemical investigations, ultrasound examination of the liver and cranial abdominal cavity was undertaken. There was a significant positive linear correlation between liver weight and ultrasonographic determination of liver size (R=0.72, P<0.05). Ultrasonographic examination of the liver revealed multiple hyperechoic dots in the parenchyma giving a granular appearance to the hepatic texture in three sheep corresponding to the most advanced histopathological changes as determined by the size of the abscesses and their relatively mature fibrous capsules, and areas of hepatic necrosis. No distension of the bile duct system was noted nor was the gall bladder imaged. While serum concentrations of albumin, globulin and certain liver enzymes assisted in the diagnosis of subacute fasciolosis in sheep, only glutamate dehydrogenase, and gammaglutamyl transferase remained elevated four weeks after triclabendazole treatment.[1]


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