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A multilayer membrane amperometric glucose sensor fabricated using planar techniques for large-scale production.

This paper reports on a multilayer membrane amperometric glucose sensor fabricated using planar techniques. It is characterized by good reproducibility and suitable for large-scale production. The glucose sensor has 82 electrode sets formed on a single glass substrate, each with a platinum working electrode (WE), a platinum counter electrode (CE) and an Ag/AgCl reference electrode (RE). The electrode sets are coated with a membrane consisting of five layers: gamma-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (gamma-APTES), Nafion, glucose oxidase ( GOX), gamma-APTES and perfluorocarbon polymer (PFCP), in that order. Tests have shown that the sensor has acceptably low dispersion (relative standard deviation, R.S.D.=42.9%, n=82), a wide measurement range (1.11-111 mM) and measurement stability over a 27-day period. Measurements of the glucose concentration in a control human urine sample demonstrated that the sensor has very low dispersion (R.S.D.=2.49%, n=10).[1]


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