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A new technique for the precise location of lactate and malate dehydrogenases in goat, boar and water buffalo spermatozoa using gel incubation film.

Gel incubation film, which contained gelatin to prevent the diffusion of enzyme during chemical reaction and phenazine methosulfate to operate as a hydrogen acceptor between NADH and tetrazolium, was used and light microscopy revealed that lactate dehydrogenase was located in the head and tail of the spermatozoa as well as in the midpiece, whereas malate dehydrogenase was confined to the midpiece in spermatozoa of the animals examined. In goat spermatozoa, lactate dehydrogenase was associated mainly with the inner acrosomal membrane in the head, the mitochondrial matrix in the midpiece and with flagellar fibrils in the tail, whereas malate dehydrogenase was present only in the mitochondrial matrix.[1]


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