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Chemical inhibition of Wip1 phosphatase contributes to suppression of tumorigenesis.

Wip1 is an amplified oncogene whose deletion causes a tumor resistant phenotype in mice. These observations provide justification for a search for Wip1 chemical inhibitors as potential anticancer drugs. Here we report a group of Wip1 inhibitors with anticancer properties both in vitro and in vivo. In vitro, inactivation of Wip1 reduces the proliferation rate of breast cancer cell lines and enhances growth inhibition caused by doxorubicin. In vivo, administration of Wip1 inhibitors decreases proliferation of xenograph tumors and tumors developed in MMTV-c-Neu transgenic mice. We propose that these agents may serve as lead compounds for the development of anticancer drugs targeting Wip1 phosphatase.[1]


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