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Polyamine oxidase and acrolein as novel biochemical markers for diagnosis of cerebral stroke.

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: We found previously that plasma levels of acrolein (CH2=CHCHO) and spermine oxidase (SMO) were well correlated with the degree of severity of chronic renal failure. The aim of this study was to test whether the levels of these 2 markers and of acetylpolyamine oxidase (AcPAO) were increased in the plasma of stroke patients. METHODS: The activity of AcPAO and SMO and the level of protein-conjugated acrolein in plasma of the stroke patients and normal subjects were measured by high-performance liquid chromatography and ELISA, respectively. Focal infarcts were estimated by MRI or computed tomography (CT). RESULTS: The levels of AcPAO, SMO, and acrolein were significantly increased in the plasma of stroke patients. The size of stroke was nearly parallel with the multiplied value of acrolein and total polyamine oxidase (AcPAO plus SMO). After the onset of stroke, an increase in AcPAO first occurred, followed by increased levels of SMO and finally acrolein. In 1 case, an increase in AcPAO and SMO preceded focal damage as detected by MRI or CT. Furthermore, stroke was confirmed by MRI in a number of mildly symptomatic patients (11 cases) who had increased levels of total polyamine oxidase and acrolein. Among apparently normal subjects (8 cases) who had high values of acroleinxtotal polyamine oxidase, stroke was found in 4 cases by MRI. CONCLUSIONS: The results indicate that increased levels of AcPAO, SMO, and acrolein are good markers of stroke.[1]


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