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Generation of conditional alleles of the murine Iron Regulatory Protein (IRP)-1 and -2 genes.

Central aspects of cellular iron metabolism are controlled by IRP1 and IRP2, which are ubiquitously expressed in mouse organs and cells. Total and constitutive deficiency of both IRPs causes embryonic lethality in the mouse. To bypass the early lethality and to study organ-specific and/or temporal functions of IRP1 and/or IRP2 we generated Irp1 and Irp2 conditional alleles. We used mouse lines where a betaGeo gene trap construct was inserted into the second intron of the Irp1 and the Irp2 gene, generating hypomorphic alleles by interrupting the corresponding open reading frame near the amino-termini. The gene trap cassettes are flanked by Frt sites and were co-inserted with LoxP sites flanking exon 3. Flp-mediated removal of the gene trap construct generates floxed alleles with wildtype functions. For both Irp genes, Cre-assisted deletion of exon 3 generates complete null alleles that, in the case of IRP2, are associated with altered body iron distribution and compromised hematopoiesis. If not removed, the gene trap construct causes partially penetrant embryonic lethality unrelated to IRP deficiency when inserted within the Irp1 but not the Irp2 locus. We discuss the implications for functional genomics in the mouse.[1]


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