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Hyperphagia induced by GABAA receptor-mediated inhibition of the nucleus accumbens shell: dependence on intact neural output from the central amygdaloid region.

To investigate the role of corticolimbic input in modulating feeding-related nucleus accumbens (Acb) circuitry, researchers temporarily deactivated sites within the basolateral amygdaloid complex (BLA) or central amygdaloid region (CeA) via GABA(A) agonist (muscimol) infusions and measured feeding responses following muscimol infusions into the Acb shell. Hyperphagia elicited by intra-Acb shell muscimol was not altered by coinfusions of intra-BLA muscimol. In contrast, muscimol infusions into the CeA dose-dependently reduced feeding elicited either by intra-Acb shell GABA(A) receptor stimulation or by food deprivation and produced a syndrome of forepaw treading. Intra-CeA tetrodotoxin infusions also blocked intra-Acb shell muscimol-induced hyperphagia. Hence, feeding elicited by intra-Acb shell GABA(A) receptor stimulation requires intact neural output from the CeA but not the BLA.[1]


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