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Eremostachiin: a new furanolabdane diterpene glycoside from Eremostachys glabra.

The reversed-phase preparative HPLC analysis of the methanol extract of the rhizomes of Eremostachys glabra (Lamiaceae) led to the isolation of two furanolabdane diterpene glycosides, phlomisoside II, and beta-D-glucopyranosyl-(1-->2)-beta-D-glucopyranosyl ester of phlomisoic acid (named eremostachiin), the latter being a novel natural product. The structure of the new compound has been elucidated unambiguously by HRMS and a series of 1D- and 2D-NMR spectroscopic techniques. The free radical scavenging activity of these compounds was assessed using the DPPH assay.[1]


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