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Stat5a/b are essential for normal lymphoid development and differentiation.

Cytokines that use the common gamma chain gammac are critical for lymphoid development and function. Mutations of the IL-7 receptor, gammac, or its associated kinase, Jak3, are the major cause of human severe combined immunodeficiency. Although activated by IL-7, Stat5a/b ( Stat, signal transducer and activator of transcription) have been thought to play limited roles in lymphoid development. However, we now show that mice completely deficient in Stat5a/b have severely impaired lymphoid development and differentiation. Absence of Stat5 also abrogates T cell receptor gamma rearrangement and survival of peripheral CD8(+) T cells. Thus, deficiency of Stat5 results in severe combined immunodeficiency, similar in many respects to deficiency of IL-7R, gammac, and Jak3.[1]


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