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Cerebral vasculitis following oral methylphenidate intake in an adult: a case report.

Methylphenidate is structurally and functionally similar to amphetamine. Cerebral vasculitis associated with amphetamine abuse is well documented, and in rare cases ischaemic stroke has been reported after methylphenidate intake in children. We report the case of a 63-year-old female who was treated with methylphenidate due to hyperactivity and suffered from multiple ischaemic strokes. We consider drug-induced cerebral vasculitis as the most likely cause of recurrent ischaemic strokes in the absence of any pathological findings during the diagnostic work-up. We conclude that methylphenidate mediated vasculitis should be considered in patients with neurological symptoms and a history of methylphenidate therapy. This potential side-effect, though very rare, represents one more reason to be very restrictive in the use of methylphenidate.[1]


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