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Effect of different mouthrinses on Knoop hardness of a restorative composite.

PURPOSE: To evaluate the effect of mouthrinses on Knoop hardness number (KHN) of a restorative composite, at different exposure times. METHODS: 50 composite specimens ( TPH Spectrum) were randomly allocated into five groups (n=10): distilled water; Listerine; Reach; Plax and Periogard. The samples were immersed daily for 14 days in 20 ml of the respective solution for 2 minutes twice a day (with a 12-hour interval between exposures). Measurements were carried out at four different times: 1 hour after sample preparation, 1, 7 and 14 days after the first immersion in the solutions. RESULTS: Statistical analyses (Repeated Measures ANOVA and Tukey test at 0.05 significance level) showed significant differences among KHN of t wo experimental groups (mean values): Listerine (49.17) and Plax (51.14). There was n ointeraction between products and time, although the highest means were registered 24 hours after the first immersion for all tested groups.[1]


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