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Mutation analysis in Irish families with glomuvenous malformations.

BACKGROUND: Glomuvenous malformations (GVMs) are rare bluish lesions that can affect the skin and mucosal surfaces. They represent defects in vasculogenesis. Lesions can occur sporadically or in an autosomal dominant mode of inheritance. Recent studies have shown that mutations in the glomulin gene (GLMN) on chromosome 1p21-22 are responsible for familial GVMs. OBJECTIVES: To search for mutations in GLMN in Irish families with GVMs. METHODS: We identified four Irish families with GVMs and confirmed linkage to chromosome 1p21-22 in these cases. We sequenced the glomulin gene in all affected and unaffected members of the families. Results Linkage analysis showed that affected individuals from the families shared a common haplotype. Mutation analysis revealed a delAAGAA mutation in exon 3 of the glomulin gene in all four families with GVMs. CONCLUSIONS: We confirm that mutations in the glomulin gene are responsible for GVMs and suggest a founder Irish mutation in the glomulin gene in four Irish families.[1]


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