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A shortened, 2-hour rifampin test: a useful tool in Gilbert's syndrome.

INTRODUCTION: Diagnosis of Gilbert's disease often involves unnecessary testing and patient anxiety. Rifampin test can support the diagnosis; it has been described in short series and lacks standardization in dose, collection times, result presentation and interpretation. Our objective was to compare the response to oral rifampin in a series of patients with Gilbert's disease, 2 and 4 h after drug administration. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Eighty-nine patients with Gilbert's disease (elevated total bilirubin with no hepatopathy or hemolysis) were recruited. After a basal blood collection, 900 mg rifampin were administered per os and new samples were drawn 2 and 4 h later. Total and esterified bilirubin were measured in every sample. Haptoglobin concentration was also analyzed. RESULTS: When expressed as relative increase with respect to basal values, variations observed 2 h after rifampin intake were all above 15%. A significant correlation (r = 0.902; p = 0.000) was found between relative increases 2 and 4 h after drug administration. No significant variations were found in haptoglobin concentrations. CONCLUSION: Rifampin test is useful in diagnosing Gilbert's disease, but variations in total bilirubin concentrations (basal and post-rifampin) make that no absolute cut-off value can be used. Correlation between 2- and 4-h relative increases suggests that a shortened version could simplify the test.[1]


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