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Early post-tsunami disaster medical assistance to Banda Aceh: a personal account.

The south Asian tsunami on 26 December, 2004, saw Australia deploy civilian teams to an international disaster in large numbers for the first time. The logistics of supporting such teams in both a self sustainability capacity and medical equipment had not previously been planned for or tested. For the first Australian team deployed to Banda Aceh, which arrived on the fourth day after the tsunami, equipment sourced from the New South Wales Fire Brigades Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) cache supplied all food, water, tents, generators and sleeping equipment. The medical equipment was largely sourced from the CareFlight US&R medical cache. There were significant deficits in surgical equipment as the medical cache had not been designed to provide a stand alone surgical capability. This resulted in the need for substantial improvisation by the surgical teams during the deployment. Despite this, the team performed nearly 140 major procedures in austere circumstances and significantly contributed to the early international response to this major humanitarian disaster.[1]


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