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Medical Assistance

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Disease relevance of Medical Assistance


High impact information on Medical Assistance


Anatomical context of Medical Assistance


Associations of Medical Assistance with chemical compounds

  • Detection of tetrahydrocannabinol and cocaine was more common in newborns of women of color, those receiving medical assistance, and those over age 23 years [8].
  • The Centre for Reproductive Medicine considered it morally justified to give medical assistance to couples in need of an HLA matched sibling [9].
  • In a study of patients attending a methadone maintenance clinic in South London, 66 of 114 (58%) had previously attempted to detoxify themselves from opiates without medical assistance [10].
  • The patient was instructed to avoid all wheat containing foods and to carry a kit containing an epinephrine pre-loaded syringe and an antihistamine tablet to be used in the event of inadvertant consumption with an instruction to seek medical assistance as soon as possible [11].
  • Update: the Maryland Medical Assistance Oxygen and Related Respiratory Equipment Program [12].

Gene context of Medical Assistance

  • Health complaints, remedies and medical assistance in a peri-urban area [13].
  • A 63-year-old woman with rheumatoid arthritis sought medical assistance for dull and chronic pain in her left ear two and half years after her initial diagnostic examination [14].
  • Early post-tsunami disaster medical assistance to Banda Aceh: a personal account [15].
  • The results indicated that the continuers were at admission older, White, not dependent on medical assistance, previously treated, using less heroin, and smoking less marijuana than the noncontinuers [16].
  • Recently I participated in one large effort (USNS MERCY), commanded a second (MED EL, JTF-Bravo, Honduras), was "neighbor" and visitor to a third (Medical Assistance Team in El Salvador), and had staff level interface with others (Ahuas Tara 88, Fuertes Caminos 88, and Special Operating Forces Humanitarian Assistance Team, all in Honduras) [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Medical Assistance


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