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Baculovirus-expressed myogenic determination factors require E12 complex formation for binding to the myosin-light-chain enhancer.

Two recombinant baculoviruses BcV-myf4 and BcV-myf5 have been constructed to synthesize the human myogenic determination factors myogenin (myf4) and myf5 in eucaryotic cells. Both recombinant proteins are localized to the nucleus of virus-infected Spodoroptera frugiperda (sf) insect cells and can be recovered as soluble factors. The virus-produced proteins exhibit high-affinity binding to a muscle-specific DNA sequence in the presence of the ubiquitous helix-loop-helix (HLH) protein E12, but only marginal binding in unsupplemented sf nuclear extracts. Both baculovirus-encoded myogenic factors are able to heterooligomerize with E12 in the absence of DNA-binding sites. We conclude from our results that these muscle-specific HLH proteins produced in eucaryotic cells largely depend on dimerization with E12 or similar HLH proteins to recognize the myosin-light-chain-enhancer-MEF-1-binding site. We have no evidence for intracellular protein modifications exerting major effects on the interaction between these factors and DNA.[1]


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