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Transcription Profiling of the mgrA Regulon in Staphylococcus aureus.

MgrA has been shown to affect multiple Staphylococcus aureus genes involved in virulence and antibiotic resistance. To comprehensively identify the target genes regulated by mgrA, we employed a microarray method to analyze the transcription profiles of S. aureus Newman, its isogeneic mgrA mutant, and an MgrA-overproducing derivative. We compared genes that were differentially expressed at exponential or early stationary growth phases. Our results showed that MgrA affected an impressive number of genes, 175 of which were positively regulated and 180 of which were negatively regulated in an mgrA-specific manner. The target genes included all functional categories. The microarray results were validated by real-time reverse transcription-PCR quantitation of a set of selected genes from different functional categories. Our data also indicate that mgrA regulates virulence factors in a fashion analogous to that of the accessory gene regulatory locus (agr). Accordingly, exoproteins are upregulated and surface proteins are downregulated by the regulator, suggesting that mgrA may function in concert with agr. The fact that a large number of genes are regulated by mgrA implies that MgrA is a major global regulator in S. aureus.[1]


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