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Drug Resistance

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Gene context of Drug Resistance

  • Acquisition of drug resistance is linked to a specific secondary somatic mutation, EGFR T790M [2].
  • IMPLICATIONS: Additional studies are needed to determine whether functional activity of P-glycoprotein, measured by rhodamine 123 efflux, is directly related to clinical drug resistance [31].
  • The expression of several drug-resistance genes, including MRP and p53, increases with advancing stage of human prostate cancer [32].
  • Pgp is expressed in normal tissues, and its (over)expression in tumor cells contributes to their drug resistance [33].
  • Given its structure, drug resistance profile and subcellular localization, MRP4 probably functions as an amphipathic anion efflux pump whose substrate range includes glutamate and phosphate conjugates [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Drug Resistance


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