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Intravenous pulse methylprednisolone therapy for acute treatment of serpiginous choroiditis.

PURPOSE: To evaluate the safety and efficacy of high-dose intravenous steroid therapy (HDIST) for the acute treatment of vision-threatening serpiginous choroiditis. METHODS: Retrospective review of the records of five patients with serpiginous choroiditis who were treated with HDIST (1 g methylprednisolone for three days) in addition to their standard immunosuppressive treatment. The visual acuities and improvement of ocular signs after HDIST were evaluated. RESULTS: Twelve episodes of macula-threatening choroiditis in five patients with serpiginous choroiditis were treated during a seven-year period. All patients responded to HDIST with evidence of a decrease in intraocular inflammation immediately after and complete restoration of visual acuity within 10 days of commencing treatment. In one patient, medical intervention was required because of gastric distress. During the follow-up, three out of five patients experienced new attacks and two patients developed subretinal neovascularization. CONCLUSION: HDIST is effective in controlling severe vision-threatening serpiginous choroiditis and in improving visual function in a short period of time. However, the effect of this treatment in long-term disease control is uncertain.[1]


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