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Time-dependent infrared emission following photodissociation of nitromethane and chloropicrin.

Nitromethane (CH(3)NO(2)) and its chlorinated analogue, chloropicrin (CCl(3)NO(2)), were photolyzed at 193, 248, and 266 nm, and the products were observed by time-dependent Fourier transform infrared emission spectroscopy. At 193 and 248 nm, the primary photodissociation pathway for nitromethane was cleavage of the C-N bond to produce CH(3) + NO(2)(A (2)B(2)). At 266 nm, weak emission was observed following photodissociation of nitromethane, but an infrared spectrum could not be obtained. The photodissociation of chloropicrin at 193 nm produced the analogous product channel CCl(3) + NO(2)(A (2)B(2)) in addition to several other product channels. At 248 and 266 nm, only CCl(3) + NO(2)(A (2)B(2)) was observed. The production of phosgene (CCl(2)O) from chloropicrin photodissociation was not observed in this study.[1]


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