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Chemical Compound Review

Nitrometan     nitromethane

Synonyms: Nitrocarbol, NITROMETHANE, nitro-methane, NSC-428, NSC428, ...
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Disease relevance of nitromethane


High impact information on nitromethane

  • For synthesis of the AM2 analogue, novel routes via addition of nitromethane followed by conversion of the nitro function to either amino or carboxyl groups were developed [6].
  • Enantioselective Michael additions of nitromethane by a catalytic double activation method using chiral lewis Acid and achiral amine catalysts [7].
  • Condensation of N6-benzoyl-2',3'-O-isopropylideneadenosine-5'-aldehyde with nitromethane followed by acid catalyzed acetylation and borohydride reduction leads to N6-benzoyl-9-(5,6-dideoxy-2,3-O-isopropylidene-6-nitro-beta-D-ribo-hexofuranosyl)adenine (4) [8].
  • We found that upon UV irradiation (> 300 nm) KN photoreduces oxygen to superoxide radical (in DMSO) and nitromethane (CH3NO2) to a nitromethane radical anion (CH3NO2.-) (in air-free buffers, pH 7 and 9.5) [9].
  • The problem of finding a suitable electroosmotic flow marker at low pH in acetonitrile is addressed, and nitromethane is shown to be a proper marker compound under such extreme conditions [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of nitromethane


Biological context of nitromethane


Anatomical context of nitromethane


Associations of nitromethane with other chemical compounds

  • The condensation reaction has been shown (nuclear magnetic resonance) to occur through addition of the methylene carbon of the nitromethane anion to the 4a position of Flox+Et [18].
  • L-phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (maize, potato, and Rhodotorula glutinis). Studies of the prosthetic group with nitromethane [19].
  • It has been found that the intermediate primary nitro Michael adduct can be prepared in a single step by sonication of a mixture of an arylaldehyde, nitromethane, and the 6-aminopyrimidine in acetic acid containing ammonium acetate [20].
  • Cinchona alkaloid-derived chiral bifunctional thiourea organocatalysts were synthesized and applied in the Michael addition between nitromethane and chalcones with high ee and chemical yields [21].
  • They are low-spin hexacoordinated myoglobin or hemoglobin complexes, as shown by the resonance Raman spectrum of the nitromethane-derived human hemoglobin complex which is similar to those of the known hemoglobin complexes with O2, CO, NO and nitrosobenzene [22].

Gene context of nitromethane

  • Histidase activity was approximately 90% inhibited in rats receiving nitromethane [23].
  • The analytic atom-atom intermolecular potential has been successfully regressed by using the MP2/6-31++G**//B3LYP/6-31++G** calculated interaction energies of nitromethane dimer [24].
  • METHODS: A series of 3-aminoacyl-1-aryl-3-methyltriazenes was synthesised through reaction of 1-aryl-3-methyltriazenes with N-BOC protected amino acids using the DCC method of activation, followed by deprotection of the amino function using HCl in nitromethane [25].
  • Male 3-month-old Wistar rats dosed i.p. with 200 mg/kg of nitromethane or -ethane showed increased acid proteinase activity in the brain 4 h after the injection [16].
  • The nitromethane is located in the alpha-CD cavity in an orientation parallel to the plane of the macrocycle, and assumes two sites of equal population with the nitro group in excessive thermal motion; the guest is held by van der Waals contacts and C-H...O-type hydrogen bonds to the pyranose H-3 and H-5 protons [15].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of nitromethane


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