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Clinical evaluation of pulpless teeth restored with conventionally cemented zirconia posts: a pilot study.

STATEMENT OF PROBLEM: Adhesive resin cements are commonly used to lute all-ceramic posts despite limited scientific data on the clinical effectiveness of using bonding agents within prepared root canals. PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to retrospectively evaluate the clinical performance of conventionally cemented zirconia posts. Loss of retention, fracture of posts, and fracture of teeth were evaluated. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Thirty pulpless teeth in 22 patients were treated with zirconia posts. With the exception of 3 situations in which posts were inserted directly and the access openings were closed with composite resin, teeth were restored with indirectly fabricated post-and-core foundations made from zirconia posts (Cerapost or Cosmopost) combined with heat-pressed ceramic cores ( IPS Empress Cosmo) and ceramic crowns ( IPS Empress II). Restorations (posts and crowns) were cemented with glass-ionomer cement (KetacCem) or resin-modified glass-ionomer cement (ProTec Cem) and reevaluated, retrospectively, for failures such as loss of retention or fractures. Data were reported using descriptive statistics. RESULTS: The mean observation period was 29 months (range 8-44 months). No loss of retention or fracture of any restoration was observed. CONCLUSION: Although this study involved a relatively short observation period, there were no signs of failure of conventionally cemented zirconia posts with ceramic crowns.[1]


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