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Evaluation of a decision aid for families considering p53 genetic counseling and testing.

PURPOSE: Li-Fraumeni syndrome (LFS) is associated with p53 germline mutations, and carriers are at increased risk for multiple primary cancers. We evaluated outcomes following the administration of a video-based decision aid (DA) prior to clinical p53 genetic counseling and testing among persons who had previously participated in cancer genetics research. METHODS: Fifty-seven individuals at risk for a known p53 mutation completed baseline and post-DA measures of psychological outcomes, plus knowledge and attitudes regarding p53 genetic testing. Counseling and testing uptake also was recorded. RESULTS: At baseline, multivariate analysis showed that greater testing intention was associated with lower decisional conflict (P < 0.01). Compared with baseline data, multivariate analyses of post-DA outcomes showed that knowledge about LFS and genetic testing increased and decisional conflict related to testing decreased (P < 0.001). Mean cancer worries scores decreased among all participants (P < 0.001), and mean depression scores decreased for males (P < 0.05). Thirty-nine (68%) completed pre-test genetic counseling and 23 (40%) subsequently gave a blood sample for clinical genetic testing. CONCLUSION: This intervention was useful as an initial outreach and educational method for families considering p53 genetic testing, and may improve knowledge about LFS as well as psychological outcomes.[1]


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