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Phospholipid changes in seqA and dam mutants of Escherichia coli.

SeqA and Dam proteins were known to be responsible for regulating the initiation of replication and to affect the expression of many genes and metabolisms. We have examined here the fatty acids composition and phospholipids membrane in dam and/or seqA mutants. The dam mutant showed an accumulation of the acidic phospholipids cardiolipin, whereas, the seqA mutant showed a higher proportion of phosphatidylglycerol compared with the wild-type strain. The seqA dam double mutant showed an intermediate proportion of acidic phospholipids compared with the wild-type strain. Based on these observations, we discuss the role of Dam and SeqA proteins in the regulation of phospholipids synthesis. To cite this article: D. Daghfous et al., C. R. Biologies 329 (2006).[1]


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