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Comparative study of diagnostic testing for feline leukemia virus infection.

Results of commercially available diagnostic test kits and commercial laboratory test results were compared for ability to detect FeLV antigen. Results of the immunofluorescent antibody (IFA) test were compared with test kit ELISA results and with results of a system in which samples were applied to an absorbent material, dried, sent to a laboratory, eluted, and assayed by a plate ELISA. Test kits were generally highly sensitive and specific, compared with the IFA test performed at a commercial laboratory. Feline heterophile antibody, specific for mouse immunoglobulin, was detected in approximately 0.14 to 0.57% of the cat population. Test kits B, E, and D contain reagents that correct for antimouse antibodies. During 1989 and 1990, 2,229 feline serum samples were tested for FeLV antigen (gsa p27); positive ELISA results were obtained for 204 (9%) of the samples. Results for 32 (1.4%) samples were interpreted as equivocal (color development slightly exceeded that of the negative control, but was much less than that of the positive control). Collectively, the data indicate that when testing serum or saliva, a negative test result may be a good predictor that a cat is not infected. In populations of cats in which FeLV prevalence is low, a positive test result may not be reliable and thus, a confirmatory test should be performed.[1]


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