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Diagnostic Tests, Routine

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  • A clinical diagnostic test has been developed, and the human enzyme was separated by acrylamide-gel electrophoresis [31].
  • Users' guides to the medical literature. III. How to use an article about a diagnostic test. A. Are the results of the study valid? Evidence-Based Medicine Working Group [32].
  • However, the result of a differential diagnostic test with metyrapone was compatible with the presence of Cushing's disease [33].
  • There are no totally specific markers for this cell, although tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase staining has been used extensively as a diagnostic test [34].
  • We conclude that the addition of omeprazole to triple therapy improves efficacy, lessens side effects, and is sufficiently efficacious to obviate the need for a diagnostic test of cure in compliant patients [35].

Gene context of Diagnostic Tests, Routine

  • INTERPRETATION: Because of the strong clustering and highly stereotyped nature of the pathogenetic mutations detected in CADASIL patients, and easy and reliable diagnostic test for CADASIL is feasible [36].
  • Because of the high frequency of GJB2 mutations, mutation analysis of this gene is widely available as a diagnostic test [37].
  • Characterization of variant alleles for low TPMT enzyme activity will help make it possible to assess the potential clinical utility of deoxyribonucleic acid-based diagnostic tests for determining TPMT genotype [38].
  • Because interpretation of the results is straightforward and requires no extensive experience, this assay may be the best available diagnostic test for BCL2 rearrangement [39].
  • As the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are characterized further, a diagnostic test for breast cancer susceptibility becomes feasible [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Diagnostic Tests, Routine


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