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Diastereoselective arylithium addition to an alpha-trifluoromethyl imine. Practical synthesis of a potent cathepsin K inhibitor.

[reaction: see text] A practical, chromatography-free synthesis of potent cathepsin K inhibitor 1 is described. The addition of 4-bromophenyllithium to an alpha-trifluoromethylimine derived from commercially available (S)-leucinol was accomplished in a highly diastereoselective manner (97.6% de, 91% yield). Subsequent Suzuki cross-coupling afforded biaryl 7. Oxidation of the alcohol and sulfide functionalities led to the formation of carboxylic acid 8. Crystallization of 7 and acid 8 as its dicyclohexylamine salt gave excellent impurity rejection. The final amide coupling with commercially available aminoacetonitrile hydrochloride afforded 1 in excellent purity (99.6A% by HPLC, 100% de, <3 ppm Pd, W, Cr).[1]


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