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Fluorescent image analysis of lipid hydroperoxides in fish muscle with 3-perylene diphenylphosphine.

A fluorescent image analysis method was developed to evaluate lipid hydroperoxide formation in fish muscle. The lipid hydroperoxides generated in white and dark fish muscles during storage at 5-6 degrees C oxidized 3-perylene diphenylphosphine located in the tissue to yield the fluorescent derivative, 3-perylene diphenylphosphine oxide (3-PeDPPO). 3-PeDPPO thus obtained was determined by digital fluorescent image analysis. The 3-PeDPPO fluorescence intensity of white and dark muscle increased during low-temperature storage (0-24 h) and was clearly correlated with total lipid hydroperoxide levels in muscle extracts, which were determined by using HPLC based on a triphenylphosphine oxidation method (R2 = 0.954). These results suggest that 3-PeDPPO fluorescence, coupled with fluorescent image analysis, is a novel tool for direct determination of lipid hydroperoxides in fish muscle without a need for extraction of lipid.[1]


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