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Knockdown of MBP-1 in human prostate cancer cells delays cell cycle progression.

We have previously shown that MBP-1 acts as a general transcriptional repressor, and forced expression of MBP-1 exerts an anti-proliferative effect on a number of human cancer cells. In this report, we have investigated the role of endogenous MBP-1 in cell growth regulation. For this, we generated human prostate cancer cells (PC3) stably transfected with short hairpin RNA targeting MBP-1. We have observed retarded growth and longer doubling time of MBP-1 knockdown PC3 cells as compared with control mock-transfected PC3 cells. Fluorescence-activated cell sorter analysis suggested that PC3 cells expressing MBP-1-specific small interfering RNA accumulated during G2/M phase of the cell cycle. Further analysis suggested that depletion of MBP-1 was associated with reduction of cyclin A and cyclin B1 expression when compared with that of the control cells. A delayed induction of cyclin A and B1 expression was observed in MBP-1-depleted PC3 cells (PC3-4.2) upon serum stimulation, although the level of expression was much lower than that of control PC3 cells. Supplementation of MBP-1 in PC3-4.2 cells restored cyclin A and cyclin B1 expression. Together, these results suggest that knockdown of MBP-1 in prostate cancer cells perturbs cell proliferation by inhibiting cyclin A and cyclin B1 expression.[1]


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