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Stable bimodal response to cholinomimetic drugs in Alzheimer's disease. Brain mapping correlates.

We investigated quantitative EEG brain mapping as a physiologic marker of drug response while studying the stability of intersubject variability in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) who were receiving bethanechol through intracerebroventricular (ICV) shunts. Two of the patients had previously demonstrated cognitive and behavioral improvements on medication; the third had cognitive deterioration complicated by agitated depression. All three patients were reexamined in a dose-response paradigm. Serial brain mapping examinations were performed along with brief cognitive testing. All patients showed drug responses that were comparable with responses during their initial dose-response phase. There were strong linear correlations between global decreases in 2 to 6 Hz slow-wave activity and cognitive improvement. Brain mapping demonstrated that slowing decreased in magnitude and field with increasing dose until optimal dose was reached; with supra-optimal doses, the magnitude and field of the slowing increased dramatically. These results suggest that the quality of cholinomimetic drug responses are stable over time in individual patients, and that magnitude and pattern of slow-wave activity as measured by brain mapping may be useful in monitoring treatment with cholinomimetic agents.[1]


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