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A unique subpopulation of Tbr1-expressing deep layer neurons in the developing cerebral cortex.

Cells of the subplate (SP) and deep cortical plate (CP) are among the pioneer neurons of the developing cerebral cortex, an important group of early-born cells that impact cortical organization and function. Similarities between pioneer neurons in different cortical positions and heterogeneities in pioneer cells in the same cortical location, however, have made it difficult to appreciate the characteristics and functions of particular sets of these cells. Here, we provide a tool to illuminate a unique subset of SP and deep CP neurons: expression of a Tbrain-1 (Tbr1)-driven transgene. Transgene-expressing cells were consistently positive for neuronal but not glial markers, were born early in corticogenesis, representing just a subset of SP and deep CP neurons, were morphologically complex during the formation of the cortex, and were maintained into maturity. This analysis reveals a novel group of pioneer neurons and demonstrates unrecognized diversity within this cortical population. In the future, this information will help to uncover the roles of discrete pioneer populations in cortical development.[1]


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