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Dazl can bind to dynein motor complex and may play a role in transport of specific mRNAs.

Male germ cell development includes mitotic and meiotic cell divisions that are followed by dramatic morphological changes resulting in the production of spermatozoa. Genetic evidence has indicated that the DAZ family genes are critical for successful male germ cell development in diverse animals as well as humans. In the present study, we investigated the cellular functions of Dazl in the mouse male germ cells. We identified a specific interaction of Dazl with the dynein light chain, a component of the dynein-dynactin motor complex. The subcellular distribution of Dazl was microtubule-dependent and a selected number of Dazl-bound mRNAs could accumulate in the perinuclear area. Based on these results, we propose that Dazl may play a role in transport of specific mRNAs via dynein motor complex. The Dazl-bound mRNAs may be stored at specific sites and would be available for future developmental processes. Our study revealed the presence of an active mRNA transport system in mouse male germ cells.[1]


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