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Arthroscopic subscapularis repair: surgical tips and pearls A to Z.

Arthroscopic subscapularis repair can be technically challenging. This article summarizes a number of technical tips that can greatly simplify and expedite what otherwise might be a daunting surgical procedure. Specific tips and pearls include the following: 1. A description of a new clinical test--the bear-hug test--for detecting subscapularis tears on physical examination. 2. How to accurately place portals for precise subscapularis repair. 3. How to safely and accurately perform a coracoplasty. 4. How to identify and mobilize a retracted subscapularis tear. 5. How the comma sign can be used to simplify arthroscopic subscapularis repair. 6. How to securely repair all sizes of subscapularis tear. 7. A description of postoperative immobilization and rehabilitation to optimize results of arthroscopic subscapularis repair.[1]


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