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The mouse vitronectin receptor is a T cell activation antigen.

In this report, we demonstrate that the T cell activation antigen, recognized by monoclonal antibody H9.2B8, is the murine homologue of the vitronectin receptor ( VNR) and, thereby, we provide initial evidence that VNR is expressed on lymphoid cells. VNR is expressed on a variety of T cell lines, tumors, and Con A-activated splenocytes, but not resting T cells, and is capable of binding to the extracellular matrix proteins fibronectin, fibrinogen, and vitronectin, via the tripeptide sequence RGD. There was no evidence of novel beta chains pairing with the VNR alpha chain, as has been demonstrated in some human cells. In view of recent studies demonstrating that this molecule functions as an accessory molecule in T cell activation, the VNR may play an important role in mouse T cell functions.[1]


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