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Pervasive Adaptive Evolution among Interactors of the Drosophila Hybrid Inviability Gene, Nup96.

Nup96 is involved in a lethal hybrid incompatibility between 2 fruit fly species, Drosophila melanogaster and Drosophila simulans. Recurrent adaptive evolution drove the rapid functional divergence of Nup96 in both the D. melanogaster and the D. simulans lineages. Functional divergence of Nup96 between these 2 species is unexpected as Nup96 encodes part of the Nup107 subcomplex, an architectural component of nuclear pore complexes, the macromolecular channels in nuclear envelopes that mediate nucleocytoplasmic traffic in all eukaryotes. Here we study the evolutionary histories of 5 of Nup96's protein interactors-3 stable Nup107 subcomplex proteins (Nup75, Nup107, and Nup133) and 2 mobile nucleoporins (Nup98 and Nup153)-and show that all 5 have experienced recurrent adaptive evolution. These results are consistent with selection-driven coevolution among molecular interactors within species causing the incidental evolution of incompatible interactions seen in hybrids between species. We suggest that genetic conflict-driven processes may have contributed to the rapid molecular evolution of Nup107 subcomplex genes.[1]


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