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Synthesis of Boron Cluster Lipids: closo-Dodecaborate as an Alternative Hydrophilic Function of Boronated Liposomes for Neutron Capture Therapy.

We succeeded in the synthesis of the double-tailed boron cluster lipids 4a-c and 5a-c, which have a B12H11S moiety as a hydrophilic function, by S-alkylation of B12H11SH (BSH) with bromoacetyl and chloroacetocarbamate derivatives of diacylglycerols for a liposomal boron delivery system on neutron capture therapy. Calcein encapsulation experiments revealed that the liposomes, prepared from the boron cluster lipid 4b, DMPC, PEG-DSPE, and cholesterol, are stable at 37 degrees C in FBS solution for 24 h.[1]


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