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Chemical Compound Review

epicholestrol     10,13-dimethyl-17-(6- methylheptan-2-yl)-2...

Synonyms: CHOLESTEROL NF, AGN-PC-009M5O, ARONIS001134, SureCN413494, ACMC-209m13, ...
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Disease relevance of cholesterol


Psychiatry related information on cholesterol


High impact information on cholesterol

  • In addition, we present a working model linking the presumed allosteric property of ACAT with cholesterol trafficking into and out of the endoplasmic reticulum [11].
  • Finally, because of the organizing potential of cholesterol in membranes, disturbances in cellular cholesterol transport have implications for a wide variety of human diseases, of which selected examples are given [12].
  • Oxygenated derivatives of cholesterol (oxysterols) present a remarkably diverse profile of biological activities, including effects on sphingolipid metabolism, platelet aggregation, apoptosis, and protein prenylation [13].
  • Except for 24, 25-epoxysterols, most oxysterols arise from cholesterol by autoxidation or by specific microsomal or mitochondrial oxidations, usually involving cytochrome P-450 species [13].
  • Tissue macrophages may be responsible for this lipid accumulation, because receptor-mediated (adsorptive) endocytosis of lipoprotein-associated cholesterol in these cells is not under negative-feedback control [14].

Chemical compound and disease context of cholesterol


Biological context of cholesterol

  • Due to its presumed role in regulating cellular cholesterol homeostasis, and in various pathophysiological conditions, acyl-coenzyme A:cholesterol acyltransferase (ACAT) has attracted much attention [11].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Over the long term, high systolic blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and smoking were associated with an increased risk of carotid stenosis in this elderly population [2].
  • RESULTS: The B1 variant of the CETP gene was associated with both higher plasma CETP concentrations (mean [+/-SD], 2.29+/-0.62 microg per milliliter for the B1B1 genotype vs. 1.76+/-0.51 microg per milliliter for the B2B2 genotype) and lower HDL cholesterol concentrations (34+/-8 vs. 39+/-10 mg per deciliter) [19].
  • To analyze the relation between age and cholesterol saturation, we studied the rates of hepatic secretion of biliary lipids and the kinetics of cholic acid and chenodeoxycholic acid in 22 and 18 of the subjects, respectively [20].
  • They also expand the spectrum of phenotypes associated with abnormalities of cholesterol metabolism [21].

Anatomical context of cholesterol


Associations of cholesterol with other chemical compounds


Gene context of cholesterol

  • Overexpression of EL in mice reduced plasma concentrations of HDL cholesterol and its major protein apolipoprotein A-I [32].
  • This apoprotein serves as a cofactor for the plasma lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase (LCAT) enzyme responsible for the formation of most cholesteryl esters in plasma, and also promotes cholesterol efflux from cells [33].
  • The low-density lipoprotein receptor (LDLR) is responsible for the uptake of cholesterol-containing lipoprotein particles into cells [34].
  • As in the regulation of cholesterol metabolism by proteolysis of a membrane-bound transcription factor, PS1 appears to facilitate a proteolytic activity that cleaves the integral membrane domain of APP [35].
  • The mouse model may provide an important resource for studying the role of NPC1 in cholesterol homeostasis and neurodegeneration and for assessing the efficacy of new drugs for NP-C disease [36].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of cholesterol


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