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Metabolism of Moexipril to Moexiprilat: Determination of In Vitro Metabolism Using HPLC-ES-MS.

Moexipril is a long-acting, non-sulfhydryl angiotensine-converting enzyme inhibitor. It is used for treatment of arterial hypertension. Moexipril is the prodrug, yielding moexiprilat by hydrolysis of an ethyl ester group. Moexiprilat is the metabolite responsible for the pharmacological effect after moexipril administration. Samples of rat and human microsomai preparations exposed to moexipril treatment were analyzed by HPLC using octyl silica stationary phase and isocratic elution. To detect moexipril and moexiprilat the separation was monitored by both ultraviolet and mass specific detection. The rat liver microsomal preparation was more effective to in producing moexiprilat than the similar one derived from human liver cell lines. While additional potential metabolites of moexipril were suggested by computer-modeling, moexiprilat was the sole metabolite detected after microsomal treatment.[1]


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