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Sigmoid volvulus presenting as chronic secretory diarrhea responsive to octreotide.

Secretory diarrhea can be seen in a variety of pathologic states; however, intermittent colonic obstruction usually is not considered as a possible cause. We report a 68-yr-old patient with chronic secretory diarrhea and hypokalemia due to intermittent sigmoid volvulus. Because the volvulus was not originally diagnosed, the patient was treated with the long-acting somatostatin analogue octreotide for 1 yr, with marked clinical improvement. Surgical resection of the redundant sigmoid responsible for the volvulus resulted in prompt and complete resolution of all signs and symptoms. Detailed macroscopic and microscopic examination of the resected specimen was normal. The patient continues to be asymptomatic 12 months after surgery. Increased colonic fluid and electrolyte secretion was caused by intermittent sigmoid volvulus and resulted in chronic secretory diarrhea.[1]


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