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Direct mobilization of retinol from hepatic perisinusoidal stellate cells to plasma.

We have studied the mechanism for mobilization of retinol from stellate cells. Our data show that perisinusoidal stellate cells isolated from liver contained retinol-binding protein ( RBP) mRNA. By Western blot analysis we found that cultivated liver stellate cells secreted RBP into the medium. Cultivated stellate cells loaded in vitro with [3H]retinyl ester mobilized radioactive retinol as a complex with RBP. Furthermore, exogenous RBP added to the medium of cultured stellate cells increased the secretion of retinol to the medium. These data suggest that liver stellate cells in vivo mobilize retinol directly to the blood and that a transfer to parenchymal cells for secretion as holo- RBP is not required. The direct mobilization of retinol from liver stellate cells as retinol- RBP to blood is indirectly supported by the demonstration of RBP mRNA production and RBP secretion by lung stellate cells. The data suggest that the same mechanism for retinol mobilization may exist in hepatic and extrahepatic stellate cells. This is, vitamin A-storing stellate cells in liver, lungs, and probably also in other organs may synthesize their own RBP (or alternatively use exogenous RBP) and mobilize holo- RBP directly to the blood.[1]


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