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Quantification of deformed peaks in capillary gas chromatography (CGC): application to simultaneous analysis of free fatty acids and less polar compounds in aqueous distillery effluent.

The purpose of this study was to find a simple and rapid method allowing the simultaneous quantification of some alcoholic fermentation inhibitors present in aqueous distillery effluent in order to evaluate its recycling properties. A capillary gas chromatography (CGC) method was tested for the quantification of both short chain fatty acids (acetic to hexanoic) and neutral compounds (butane 2,3-diol, 2-furaldehyde, phenyl-2-ethane1-ol). A polyvalent column coated with trifluoro-propyl-polysiloxane, allowing water injection, was tested and experiments were performed directly on untreated samples. During the development of the method, a deformation of acid peaks was observed; that could be explained by a secondary equilibrium, added to the chromatographic equilibrium. Although the acid peaks were deformed, calibration curves were produced and rigorously validated, proving that quantification is possible even when the best chromatographic conditions have not been achieved. Eventually, the method enabled the concentration of eight major fermentation inhibitors in distillery effluent to be measured.[1]


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