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Recurrence rate and complications after beta irradiation for pterygia.

Of 1102 consecutive patients treated with beta irradiation after pterygium removal at the Queensland Radium Institute from 1973 through 1978, 503 had a follow-up ophthalmologic examination in 1989, while a further 82 had at least a 10-year follow-up from ophthalmologic records. One hundred forty-two patients were lost to follow-up because of death, lack of cooperation, and geographical inaccessibility. A further 375 patients could not be located. Of those not followed for at least 10 years, 162 had a follow-up, recorded from ophthalmologic records, of at least 3 months. After an average dose of 22 Gray, there was a recurrence rate of 12%. A further 13% showed some sign of scleromalacia, which included 4.5% of the study group who had severe thinning.[1]


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